Just A Thought of Prayer for 2016

Dear God,

Hours from now we will be changing calendars from 2015 to 2016, but Lord, I pray not to have a change of heart in loving you. Lord as Peter said, “Lord you know that I love you”, but I’m not on the level of an apostle’s spirituality, I am weak and pitiful servant of your Lord, so I beg of you not to hid your face from me, but remember me dear God, for you know that in thy cause I suffer rebuke. I pray to be faithful unto you till the end, not just now, not just next year, but I pray to have a sweet fellowship with you for eternity. There may be competing loyalties in my heart that might make me love you less than you deserve, but I know Lord that as long as I’m in this unglorified body, I can never love you with my all, though I know that you can love me beyond my wildest imagination. Lord I pray that you preserve my soul from all evil, from the influence of this world, from the things that may pull me down from my faith; for I know that apart from your grace I can do nothing. So therefore Lord, may you be gracious unto me, let not your presence depart from me O God, for I desire nothing but you, as the Psalmist says, “whom have I in heaven but you, and your nearness is my good”. O God, may the fragrance of your dear Son the Lord Jesus Christ shines within me, and may you allow me to walk with you in perfection of heart like David your servant, but most of all, may you give me the heart and mind of your dear Son, for you said in your scripture, “who have known the mind of God? But we have the mind of Christ”. Lord help me not to dig my own whole and be swallowed from its shameful consequences, consequences of sin from acting out from the burst of my flesh, but rather Lord, restrain me from doing evil, from doing the things that may ruin “our testimony”. You know my heart Lord, and I ask nothing but for your will to be done, yes I’ve asked for the things that I desire, but you know that by your grace, I am willing to submit to your will no matter how deadly it may be to me. Lord, help me to trust in you alone and to your will, for I have no idea what’s on your unfathomable wisdom, I can’t figure it out if what’s your plan for my life, but I know dear Lord, your will is perfect, so please Father, may the power of your words in the Bible controls every part of me starting from little things like the way I sit, the way I talk, the way I carry myself, may you give me the grace to carry myself as a true virtuous woman who’s price is far above rubies, so that when people will see me, they will see a maiden and a servant of God who is worthy of a Godly man. Oh God, make me blameless for the rest of my life, let not your presence depart from me for the rest of my life, but rather may you renew my mind, my heart, my spirit,  and let me walk with you in holiness by separating myself from sin. Lord, lead me not into temptation, into the things that will ruin our virtues, have mercy on my Oh God, for I am poor and needy of your grace. Protect my mind and heart from all evil thoughts Lord, from lust, from vanities, from hypocrisy, from every evil thought. I pray for poverty of spirit so that I will not trust my own self, but rather let me acknowledge all the time that if without you, I can do nothing out from myself. May you give me the grace to endure all the hardships and test in serving you, test that will surely purify me like gold, test that will make me strong like a rock that will not be shaken from the enemies evil plots. Lord, I pray to grow in sanctification and repentance, help me to accept the things that I cannot accept, and to obey you at all cost, for you are sovereign, I know that you have a plan for my life, and that is not to harm me, but to make at peace with me and conform me to the image and likeness of Christ. I pray that on my death bed, I can utter what Paul said, “I have run the race, I have fight a good fight”. Dear Holy Spirit, search my heart and fill me with your fruits so that I will be able to love the people who have hurt me, may you control my emotions and make it compassionate and forgiving unto other, to love them with a pure heart, with a pure intentions. Fill me with Christlikeness and save me from my depravity out from my flesh. Help me to glorify you in everything O God, please let my heart pleasing to thy courts above. May you give me the grace to choose you above all things O God, even if it cost me my own life. Father, be with me now and forever and may you present me one day to the saints and angels blameless with many crowns. Let me aspire nothing but for your glory Lord, get glory for yourself out from me your pitiful and weak servant, but by your strength I know I can do all things for the cost of Christ. Let my joy comes from you O living fountain of life, and not from my own, help me to deny myself O God. May you renounce all the anxiety within me, anxieties of the unknown, for it kills me to walk by faith and not by sight; it kills me to follow you not knowing where you will lead me. But I know Father, its not a mistake to follow you, but it is the greatest gift that I can give to myself, to trust you and obey your will by your grace, for your ways are perfect, no saints in the Bible said that they regretted the day they lay down their life for your glory., and for the expansion of your kingdom. Thank you for the joy and for the love of your people my Lord, thank you for your presence in my life, please I beg you, do not depart from me, for in you I live O Christ. Help me and sustain me for eternity Lord,  deliver me from all evil, deliver me from sin and lead me not into temptation. Forgive me for the impurities within my heart as I’m praying this prayer right now, indeed I cannot love you the way you should be love, but I know your grace is sufficient for me, your love is fresh every moment, and for that I praise you O God. Please strengthen me in prayer and in knowing you in your words, let me not be a spiritually dry man, but may your prophesy brings life within my heart.  In Christ name I pray Amen.


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